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Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd

Hexing, established in 1992, is a multi-national company offering variety of electrical equipment and relevant solution to global power utilities.

With more than two decades of industrial experiences, Hexing is dedicated to develop customized sustainable ecosystem for energy distribution companies including but not limited to micro-grid with renewable energy, distribution automation and smart meter to cash collection resulting in effective revenue protection.

Today, more than 90 countries across the world are utilizing Hexing products and solutions for better tomorrow.





m6米乐在线入口Eletra, located in Eusebio, currently is the largest producer of electricity meter in State of Ceara and the largest supplier of electricity meter in Brazil. From the aspect of products, it has more than 25 product lines ranging from single phase to three phase, from industrial to residential, etc.

San Paulo,Brazil

m6米乐在线入口Hexing Brazil is located in the center of the commercial district of Sao Paulo and mainly responsible for solar, smart metering, distribution automation and automatic recloser and EPC power operation and services.


m6米乐在线入口Africa French Regional headquarter, located in the capital city of Dakar Senegal, covers five business divisions in 26 French-speaking countries, like Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco, Mali and Guinea. Hexing Senegal achieved a Hexpay has business in Senegal and becoming a local The largest sales service provider.


m6米乐在线入口West Africa Regional headquartered, located in the former capital of Lagos in Nigeria, covers smart metering, distribution automation, distributed solar generation & microgrid, operation and services in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Mauritius.


m6米乐在线入口Hexing Kenya with 5 Chinese employees and 50 local employees covers five main business divisions in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and possesses a meter factory, two offices around 170 square meters and a number of commercial vehicles.

South Africa

m6米乐在线入口Hexing Southern Africa, Headquartered in Johannesburg, provides smart prepaid meter and system, intelligent data acquisition system, distribution network, micro-grid solution and operation and services mainly for market of South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc.


m6米乐在线入口In 2004, Hexing invested in Pakistan KBK company, the main business for production and sales of the energy meter, instrument accessories and related systems and products. In recent years, with the market stable development, Pakistan gradually has become one of the main export countries for Hexing.


m6米乐在线入口Hexing Bangladesh is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are currently 17 Chinese staff, 58 Bangladesh staff and a project construction team with about 500 people.


m6米乐在线入口Hexing Indonesia with 12,000 square meters, located in Karanwan Industrial Zone, West Java, Indonesia mainly engaged in electricity prepaid system and the production and sale of energy meter products; engineering and construction of distribution transformer monitoring equipment and systems.


m6米乐在线入口Hexing Nanjing is subsidiary which wholly owned by Hexing Group. It has orbicular supply chain, can manufacture products including in distribution automation system, substation automation system, outage management system and etc. Also primary equipment such as pole-mounted switch, ring main unit and smart terminal such as FTU, DTU, FCI.

Headquarter Hangzhou,China

m6米乐在线入口Hexing industrial group is one of the leading global market players in power industry focusing on smart metering and smart grid technologies. Since 1992 Hexing always has been moving on the edge of technology to deliver state of the art products and solutions to utilities all around the world. More than two decades of working in international market has proved that we always stand with our clients not only as vendor but also as consultant and contractor.


m6米乐在线入口As national high-tech enterprises, Hexing Ningbo China is specialized in R&D, production and sales with electrical instrument and meters, test equipment, automation system, low voltage power measurement box, intelligent integrated distribution box, high voltage transformer.